My Story

Hi, I'm Sky. I own SkynIvy, a nail polish business I developed in the summer of 2020. Sky is my alias and Ivy is my friends alias. We both love fashion, and while this is my company, Ivy has been a great friend listening to my ideas, my frustrations, and supporting me as I launched this company. I started SkynIvy as a creative summer project and spent the summer trying out various formulas to find one that was free of the many toxins found in other polishes. I have a lot of Jewish and Muslim friends and family and we all like to wear nail polish but not a lot of polishes are halal, breathable, and kosher.  I wanted to make a product that is less toxic for us and the environment, and everyone can use! 

There are so many behind-the-scenes moments, highs and lows, that went into bringing you the best product we could dream of. There were moments of utter confusion, and exhaustion, and also a lot of fun and excitement. I hope you enjoy your polish, knowing that a lot of careful thought and hard work went into making each polish. We hope you come back often, and try out new colors. Our wish is  to bring out your power. Because this summer idea is turning into a powerful and empowering business. Remember that even a small thing (like your favorite nail color) can boost your confidence like a rocket ship.

Wear it well! 
Yours's truly,